The development of Masterfold is into the tradition of Henry Bobst, who in 1942 developed a revolutionary process of folding and gluing, designing the gluer PCR 382. This machine set the standard of creativity, quality and accuracy that was held to date and led to put Bobst’s in a position of leading manufacturers in the design of folder gluers.

MASTERFOLD 75 - 110 - 130

MASTERFOLD 75 - 110 - 130

Masterfold folder gluer can work for hours at maximum speed with minimum delays. As a result of his modular design and a long list of options, he can do any work order.

There are six elements that contribute to productivity of MASTERFOLD:

  • Currently adjustment without additional waste – a patented Bobst aligner reduces setup times of feeder 75 percent and 98 percent of the unit remains on the gluing. Setting with the remote control is possible in any part of the machine, while the motorized and Matic version allow it in only a few minutes.
  • Speed without limits – Masterfold patented aligner means perfect control over blanks of each type of cardboard. Smooth pre-folding on first and third grooves and final folding gives fast production without delay.
  • Non-stop production – aligner and control panel C.U.B.E.3 that is linked with qualitative devices, allows the discharge of non-conforming box without stopping the machine. Outdoor units EASYFEEDER GT feeder and packer CARTONPACK GT increase productivity.
  • Sales of finished product – from pre folding until the final fold, with a flow regulator and the fastest ejection.
  • High availability – thousands of hours of research and development, as well as intensive testing ensures, with high quality materials, readiness for a highly productive environment.
  • Quick-fix C.U.B.E.3 control panel alerts the operator of any manufacturing or mechanical error. Quick access to service and spare parts means minimal deadlock on MASTERFOLD folder-gluer.


Besides folding and gluing this folder gluer can also do some other in-line processes: Braille letter (Accubraille module), sealing windows, flyers and investment guidelines, insert tape for the opening, handles, silicon glue paper or RFID.

 Production without limitation



There are no restrictions on the production of MASTERFOLD. Especially interesting are the two additional modules that are unique Bobst’s product:

GYROBOX is a module 3.5 meters in length where box can be rotated through 360 °, held by vacuum transport, perfectly aligned with a top speed of 450 m / min. It is suitable for producing all kinds of complex case such as packaging for six bottles.

Nick Breaker – the separation of the bridge is particularly important in the press when we have demanding packaging. It is often challenging, because the bridges needed to be kept boxes compact in the feeder. The module is equipped with electronically synchronized rotating tool and bridge divides in-line. It provides easy production even with the highest speeds.