Designing and printing business cards is an important aspect of any business. A business card is the first impression of your business and it is important to create one that stands out and conveys your brand’s message. A well-designed business card will not only help you make a good first […]

How to Designing and Printing Business Cards Properly

Under certain conditions, UV initiators or photo-filters on the food packaging can get into packaged food and then it can become unsafe for humans. Main Functions of Packaging Packaging must ensure the preservation of all nutritional properties of packaged food, to protect it from various mechanical-physical, chemical and microbiological influences, […]

How Safe are Printing Inks and UV Initiators on Food ...

offset printing machine
Printing as a process was discovered thousands of years ago; it has undergone significant transformation ever since and is still evolving continuously. Thus,  naturally, over time, a multitude of different printing methods have come into existence. It is up to a business to choose what kind of printing will be […]

Different Methods Of Printing – Explained