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UV coating is part of UV printing technology and is considered as one of the most advanced printing technologies in the world. UV printers may be used on a wide variety of materials and substrates. These materials include Perspex, plastics, wood, glass, tiles, metals, paper, cardboard, Dibond, and Correx. Regarding […]

Exploring 6 Unique Applications of UV Coating

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The age of artificial intelligence has indeed arrived. AI affects productivity, employment as well as investments in new technologies. This combination between technology and AI is also present in the printing industry in various areas, and it is especially developing in printing with DTF (Direct to Film) printers. As we […]

DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel-Ai and Technology Connection

DTF printing is a unique method that uses heat to transfer patterns onto a variety of materials, including clothing, using specialized DTF machines and consumables specifically designed for the purpose. This technology has gained popularity in numerous countries and is expected to continue its growth and development in the foreseeable […]

Why Printed DTF Film Become Oily – How to Overcome ...

Starting a T-shirt Printing Business? Have you ever wondered how cool designs end up on shirts? Let’s make things easy and see the top ten t-shirt printing methods. This guide is for the do-it-yourself fan or a person planning to run his own business. Pick up simple methods of customizing […]

10 Most Common Types of T-Shirt Printing Methods

Since their inception, DTG printers have become highly sought after by major clothing manufacturers because of their practical printing methods, simple work steps and high quality color detail printing. Currently, the market has several large DTG manufacturers with a good reputation, on the one hand, but on the other hand, […]

What Are the Most Reliable and Cost-Effective DTG Printers?