The possibility of design

In the packaging industry it is known that sometimes often unconsciously the main role in buying a product is his appearance i.e. the design and look of packaging which with quality and beautiful appearance may or may not attract buyer. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great value of product design and packaging and harmony between the content and exterior look of products. “Optical impression of a product has a lasting impact on the decision of buying the same.

Packaging design

Packaging design

Packaging costs in the price of a product is approximately 6% of the sales prices. But on the other hand feel of a well-designed and technical well executed and further enriched product is a 20-30% better”

Unique design, raise up the product over the competition and gives guaranteeing in the creation of consumer perception about the brands and products, a certain image of the products.

To make the message lifted from a competing product, to attract intention and aroused emotionality at customers it is essential to use more striking and/or more attracted elements of product designing.

One possibility of the market oriented design of printing products is adding value to the printed product. Adding value offers what conventional offset printing can not do.

Special luster of metallic and holographic foils, matte and transparent foils, matte and glossy lacquers, fragrant varnishest, sparkling special effects pigments, blind printing foil printing are some of the ability.



There are a large number of possibility when we add value to the printed product and that number is growing when we ad opportunities of their in between combinations.

The most used technology in adding value to printed products is varnishing. Many times varnishing is going in combination with some other adding value techniques and “decoration expression”. For example, primers can provide engaging and great smooth effects and tactile dimension may additionally be emphasized with the use of the blind printing or partial varnishing of some details on the print that wants to to be highlighted with high gloss UV varnish and these usually goes in combination with laminated with acetate matte foil silky to the touch. Here you have the contrast visual and tactile, matte-shiny, silky-smooth.

Sometimes we can use partially printing of varnish directly on the printing surface like some details and motifs on satin gloss surface without printing colors,so varnish becomes an independent element of design and this is also a very interesting effect.

There are primers that give special touchy feeling such as the so-called SOFT TOUCH varnish. It is a mat varnish that is applied in a thicker layer, and with special structure of the surface area that gives the feeling of touch when you go with hand over it.So if you put that kind of varnish on some printed picture with fruits let’s say everyone gets the feeling that the picture is “alive.”

If we go further it is possible to varnish the same printed sheet of fruits with scented varnish so the experience with that printed product is becoming much higher.

That uniqueness and special feeling of packaging must be achieved by today’s designers,but also in these days where time, quality and cost play main role,of very high importance is even at the beginning of doing the design to take into account and technology towards feasibility.

Insufficient knowledge of technology for graphic designers is big problem for two reasons.

Unique design

Unique design

First, because it then comes to a decision who a maybe powerful and good looking but are difficult or not feasible for industrial production or require large charges.Also there are problems in communication and cooperation between the printing and design studio or advertising agencies because of lack of knowledge of the graphical technology.

Another problem is if designers do not know a particular technology and are not up to date with new technical and

technology achievements they do not know all the possibility they can use and thus significantly limit their creativity.