What is DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel

It is a specialized high-speed machine that helps DTF to complete the entire job.

The design of the printer is for industrialized DTF printing at the mass production level.

It provides superior performance compared to traditional pneumatic heat presses with one or two stations.

DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel in combination with DTF Cutter automatically performs all functions on the machine such as cutting of DTF PET film, releasing, pressing and tearing the film as well as automatic collection of finished prints.

So we have a fully automated production line

The reason for the production of this type of printer is to meet the needs of clothing manufacturers for printing large quantities of different types of products.

Even with multiple high-performance DTF printers, the printed film with the designed pattern needs to be hand-cut first and gradually placed on the heating press.

Traditional heat presses, which always have a limitation in transfer printing, also need to be laid manually on the surface one by one for better calibration of their position.

In the case when we have large quantities of DTF foil, the efficiency of the heat press cannot keep up with the speed of foil production.

DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel can realize all these fast pressing and transfer functions with less labor and bigger quality.

Functional Advantages when we are Using This Printer

Use of Special Aircraft Aluminum Plates

All four stations use imported 3cm aircraft aluminum plate that has very high flatness and uniform heating.

The error range between the center temperature and the edge temperature of the aluminum plate is within ±1°.

It can also be achieved that the pressure value of the entire flat panel is balanced during the entire hot pressing process of the machine.

In addition to the mentioned advantages, it also has a long service life of about 20 years.

Automatic Suction and Release of PET foil

Silicone vacuum suction cups using a pneumatic pressure power supply pump automatically adsorb the PET film and automatically release it onto the transfer surface, such as t-shirts, sportswear, or any other flat textile fabric surface.

Automatic Heat Pressing

It has a large rotating disc that can achieve 360° rotation, and we have automatic hot pressing.

A pure aluminum plate is used, with balanced pressure and uniform heating.

Automatic Tearing and Collection of PET Foil

After the hot pressing of the hot press is completed, the pneumatic suction cups can realize automatic film tearing and shrinking of the film, and the finished printing products are automatically removed from the printing pad.

Cost Savings and Efficiency Improvement

This DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel can be highly automated.

There are different modes, which can be adjusted in real time according to the number of employees or the workload schedule.

DTF Intelligent Rotary White Ink Stamping Robot Arm can reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

It can produce one shirt every 10 seconds.

Intelligent PLC Touch Screen

By choosing to use the PLC touch screen, you can select fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation mode.

You can pre-set the temperature, quantity, speed as well as the size of the transfer pressure value.

Scope of Application

The DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel has greatly improved the productivity of apparel retailers who are using these DTF printers.

It enables the operation of several large DTF printers at the same time with timely transfer of the heat press.

Suitable for fabrics, clothing, textiles, curtains, leather, cushions, embossing, bead panels, metal panels…

After countless production tests by SUBLISTAR (a company that is one of the manufacturers of these printers), it was determined that they have a stable and long-lasting print, and each print will be very accurate and perfect.

There is no need to worry about some production problems, such as sometimes it is difficult to tear the film or that the pattern did not completely adhere to the clothes.

Currently, SUBLISTAR is moving towards global branding and is committed to doing a good job for “4S”.

To provide customers with the most intelligent products, the most efficient output standard, the highest standard of service, and the most solid technical services.