The Power of Signs and Symbols: What to Look for in a Sign Company

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Having a sign in your business is crucial if you want your business to be noticed. A good sign can net you a lot of potential clients. However, a sign is quite expensive investment. You need a legit signage company who provides the right service at the right price.

Customers always notice the best sign. Looking for the right sign company isn’t that difficult. The important thing to remember is that you and the sign company should see eye to eye on what that sign of yours would look like. Here are some more things to look for when choosing a good sign company.

Services or Products

Don’t jump to the conclusion that all sign companies offer the same product or service. Small time companies may not be up to the task with your demands at the same time, big companies may not even bother with small requests.

Always do a thorough look on what company offers what. As such, here are some of the services offers that most sign companies offer:

  • Billboards
  • Building Graphics
  • Business Graphics
  • Brochures and Booklets
  • Indoor or outdoor signage
  • Promotional items
  • Vehicle Wraps

Don’t be afraid to ask your sign company about specific tasks. An honest and legit sign company will be completely transparent with you on the tasks that they can’t and can do. In rare cases, a company will even offer you a discounted price on specific tasks if they’re just starting up.

Quality of the Product

At first glance, a sign should be visible and readable. Any sign with words needs a font and a typeface that is easy to read. It is essential that your chosen type can integrate with the image of your business or brand name.

You should know which sign companies can give the best quality in signs. You should be careful in choosing colors in your layout or sign design. With that said, here are the recommended don’t and does:


  • Use uppercase in a script font
  • Use fonts that are similar in look or character
  • Use 2-3 fonts in a sign design


  • Use script faintly
  • Use harmonious fonts for a classic look
  • Use fonts that are pleasing to the eye and complement each other


Look for in a sign company that provides materials that your signage will last for 10-15 years. You can check what kind of materials they used or check if their equipment is updated and not outdated. Knowing these things will give you an idea to have a quality sign for your business or brand name.

Checking the materials is highly recommended because your sign will be posted outside rain or shine. The better the materials the best quality result and including the life span of the signage. Here are some materials used by legit sign companies in their signs:

  • Fabric
  • Premium Cast Vinyl
  • Specialty Vinyl
  • Wind Mesh
  • Rigid Stock – exterior
    • Aluminum
    • Polycarbonate
  • Rigid Stock – interior
    • Polystyrene
    • Foam Board
    • Foam PVC

Visit their shop

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The absolute way to get a feel for a trusty sign company is to tour their shop, meet their staff, and ask about the services and products they offer. Signage companies will be more happy to show you around their facility and explain how they work your sign.

Knowing the technology and techniques they apply at work will give you an idea of choosing them. For instance, when you visit a sign company Edmonton or other legit shops around, you can see firsthand how they work and use their tools. Do be mindful, a lot of elite and top of the line shops are secretive and don’t show their trade secrets.

Project Management

Upon visiting, you can see how they handle the project and how many people will work on the given project. You can also witness how they deal with changes if they’re efficient and effective in dealing with the challenges that may arise during working.

Online Presence

When you’re online, you can search for legit sign companies, look at their services and products, and read reviews about them. A professionally maintained and designed website is a great indication that a company is good. A good company will always have good public relations. Most of the time, their reviews and customer ratings will speak for themselves.


When you want to fully develop your finances, you want your business or brand to be known to others. For that reason, you need a high-quality signage for others to see your business name. A high quality sign comes from a legit and proper sign company whose reputation is positive for other clients as well.