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Basic information about offset printing.

Die Online Druckerei bietet Riesenauswahl alles zum Thema drucken lassen in bestechender Qualität für eine Vielzahl von Druckartikeln geboten. Von BAYERPRINT zum Best-Preis: Plakate & Poster, Visitenkarten oder Flyer drucken lassen, Kataloge, Aktenordner und Briefumschläge bedrucken. Das und vieles mehr bietet der Online-Profi für zahlreiche Anforderungen in vielen leistungsstarken Optionen.  Broschüren drucken lassen leicht […]

Online-Drucker für hochwertige Flyer, Broschüren, Präsentationsmappen und Banner

UV LED is one of the finest technologies designed to generate intense light, albeit with minimal power consumption. Ideally, especially in the printing business, they can emit significantly little heat while enjoying a longer lifetime. LEDs are beginning to replace traditional hot, power-hungry, and short-lived metal halide (mercury vapor) lamps […]

Is LED UV Curing Right for Your Printing Business?

To optimize something means to make the best use of it and gain the most profit or advantage from it. When it comes to print quality, optimizing means applying the best printing procedures and graphic design methods to produce the greatest results possible. This post will go over how to […]

Optimizing Print Quality with Offset Printing and Graphic Design

Under certain conditions, UV initiators or photo-filters on the food packaging can get into packaged food and then it can become unsafe for humans. Main Functions of Packaging Packaging must ensure the preservation of all nutritional properties of packaged food, to protect it from various mechanical-physical, chemical and microbiological influences, […]

How Safe are Printing Inks and UV Initiators on Food ...