Three Unique Designs For Printed Memorial Cards

The passing of a loved one can be a very difficult time. Memorial cards are a fantastic way for family or friends to keep the memory of a loved one alive.  Historically, traditional memorial cards have simply been a square of paper with a short excerpt.

However, as time has passed and print technology has advanced, people now have more options to create the perfect memento.  Cards now come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of materials such as PVC or wood.

Plastic Memorial Cards


funeral memorial card

This unique design is from Funeral Memorial Cards It is printed on PVC in a CR80 (credit card size) format. This type of printing allows for high-definition images and graphics.

These cards are printed with specialised card printers using thermal heat and printer ribbons to fuse the colour ink onto the card creating bright, colourful images.

This type of card also allows for various types of finishes such as gloss, matte or metallic. These cards are ideal for slotting into a wallet so you can keep your keepsake with you wherever you go. With added durability over paper cards, these PVC memorial cards make for a special tribute.

The main advantage of these cards is their versatility, durability and cost effectiveness.

Embossed Memorial Cards

 3D effect on printed cards

This is a unique twist on the traditional paper memorial card. This card makes use of embossing to raise certain portions of the image giving it a 3D effect. Embossing is a simple but very effective method that really adds a touch of class to printed cards.

These cards are printed using either laser or digital printing. Digital printing is fast becoming the preferred method as it gives clearer pictures and brighter colour.

The advantage of these type of printed cards is their cost-effectiveness and of course their aesthetic.

Embossed cards come with the traditional problems of any paper card: they lack durability and are very prone to wear and tear. As such it is recommended to use these for display purposes only.

Wooden Memorial Cards

cards made from wood

These wooden memorial cards make a beautiful tribute. These cards offer a unique style with a premium finish.   The individual grains and textures of each piece of wood ensure that no two cards are the same.

The benefits of these cards are of course, the stunning aesthetics, they are extremely durable and are available in several finishes. Different wood types can totally transform the character of the card.

The caveat with these cards is the time and equipment needed to make them can make them quite expensive. Unlike traditional cards where the price tends to decrease the higher the purchase volume, wooden cards cost the same per-unit no matter the quantity ordered.

Another type of processes that can be used in the newer time are processes of Laser Marking and Dot Peen Marking. Dot peen marking is a technique that uses a pin made out of a rigid material such as carbide in order to indent locally the part to be marked. This leaves small holes on the surface of the material that change its visual aspect and its roughness.  The indentation is assured by an electromechanical system that can translate in X and Y in order to mark the desired pattern on the material. This technology is mostly use for the marking of rigid materials such as metals or hard plastics.

Advantages of Dot Peen Technology

dot peen technology

Marks are fast and error-free

Stamp on rough or uneven surfaces

Use 2D Data Matrix codes for greater product traceability

Integration is easy: data can be retrieved from a host system, PLC, bar code scanner, spreadsheet, or database

Adjustable marking depth for light or deep marks

Can mark through any coating or film on part surface

In comparison, the phenomenon behind laser marking systems is more complex and can be explained by the fact that powerful lasers can heat certain materials. Those materials then endure chemical or mechanical modifications that change their visual aspect and create the marking. Laser marking can be used for various materials such as metals, ceramics, wood, plastics…

laser engraving

What is the purpose to buy a laser for laser marking of advertising material?

Laser engraving and marking of metals is an extremely precise and clean metalworking process. Advertising materials or labels made of metal can be conveniently and permanently enriched through texts, logos or images. Marking or engraving is done by laser, contactless and without the need for preparation or post-processing. Annealing provides labeling that is resistant to acids, chemicals and corrosion and does not damage the metal surface.

Advantages of Laser Technology

  • Different possibilities for designing with a laser

Practically every design can be applied by laser
Complete freedom when designing texts, logos, tags, bar codes or serial numbers
Even photos can be applied in a very short time.

  • Laser marking presents contactless processing of materials

There is no need to tighten or fix the material
It saves time and delivers consistently good results

  • Laser engraving is a permanent marking

The engraving on the metal is durable, abrasion resistant, impenetrable, and resistant to heat and chemicals.

  • Laser marking enables economical production

Direct labeling means no cost to toners, chemicals, pastes or sprays.
There is also a lack of handling and often costly disposal of these substances.
There is no need for preparation and post-processing.
No tool wear.

Here you can learn more about Dot Peen and Laser Marking Technology

So, as you can see, the print methods available to create the perfect memorial card have evolved substantially in recent years. Creating a stunning piece with a timeless charm is now easier and more cost-effective than ever.