DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel-Ai and Technology Connection

The age of artificial intelligence has indeed arrived.

AI affects productivity, employment as well as investments in new technologies.

This combination between technology and AI is also present in the printing industry in various areas, and it is especially developing in printing with DTF (Direct to Film) printers.

As we all know, hot pressing is an essential step in DTF printing.

Large companies that work with this DTF technology need a large number of hot presses that must be managed by a large number of workers in order to fulfill orders in a certain time.

In fact, it takes time and increases labor costs.

Based on “artificial intelligence” technology, SUBLISTAR company has developed the first intelligent automatic heat press carousel for DTF printing in China!

What is DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel

The DTF Intelligent Automatic Hot Press is a highly advanced tool that automatically performs the hot press process.

This machine can make a t-shirt in just 10 seconds time!

Compared with the previous single and double station hot press from the same company, it has more efficient and intelligent features.


With a touch screen, this is a crucial first step in today’s intelligent work.

Automatic adsorption transfer materials, DTF film, DTF paper and some other media that can use thermal transfer are used.

A large number of automatic functions such as automatic pressing, transfer platform, automatic film release, automatic collection of pressed film, as well as film removal and recycling.

High-quality, high-precision parts are installed to ensure the quality and longevity of the machine.

The size can be adjusted according to actual needs to meet your individual needs!

Procedure for Using the Machine

Before starting the machine, some preparatory actions are performed, all foils are placed in a certain place, we set the temperature and time according to a certain fabric, and then the machine starts working automatically.

Touch screen: PLC touch screen, automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation mode can be selected.

Temperature, quantity, speed, transport pressure can be preset, and the working principle itself is very simple.

Automatic adsorption film: The machine has four stations and an adsorption table and a mechanical arm.

 This station is driven by a pneumatic pressure pump that automatically pulls out the PET film and places it on the surface of the substrate.

Automatic hot pressing: The station where pressing is performed is designed as a turntable that can rotate 360° and which automatically turns towards the part that is ready for hot pressing.

Automatic tear film collection: This part uses a pneumatic suction cup to automatically peel the film and return it, and then a mechanical arm automatically collects the finished impression.

Quality assurance with this heat press machine is in the first place, so part of the station is made of 3CM aluminum plate for aviation.

This ensures even and uniform heating of the hot press, and the temperature error between the center of the plate and the temperature of the edge is less than ±1 degree.

The machine has a longer service life than ordinary hot presses on the market, which can reach up to 20 years.

Customizable size: This machine can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

There are three sizes for you to choose, 16*24 inches, 16*20 inches and 15*15 which can meet the needs of different materials and order sizes.

Hot press temperature, time and pressure settings are more complete, allowing you to achieve the best printing results.

Difference Between Single and Double Station Hot Press

Single-position hot press is suitable for individuals, small companies, the speed is low and it also needs manual control.

Also the parts are not as precise as the DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel, which may result in an uneven pressing effect.

The hot press with two stations is suitable for larger companies with a larger turnover of work.

If a customer uses a 600 mm DTF printer that has 2 print heads, it can print 12 square meters in an hour, a square about 16 A4 in size.

When the hot pressing temperature of 165℃ is reached, it takes 15 seconds to transfer the material and about 10 seconds to prepare the shirt.

Transferring the shirt to the work table takes 5 seconds, which is a total of about 30 seconds for one shirt or about 120 pieces in one hour.

If you double the speed of the double station, you can print about 200-240 t-shirts.

DTF Intelligent Automated Heat Press Carousel can realize intelligent AI operation and human-computer interaction.

This latest technology allows customers to experience the technical sense of high technology.

Cost savings, lower labor costs, improve production efficiency.

One t-shirt can be produced every 10 seconds.


This new intelligent hot press is widely used for flat surfaces.

Various printing materials such as fashion clothes, t-shirts, canvas bags, cushions, leather, cushions, metal plates, etc. can be printed.

It is possible not only to transfer DTF film, but also transfer with sublimation paper, transfer with polyethylene film…

You can achieve fully intelligent automated mass production with the help of this machine!

With the SUBLISTAR DTF intelligent automated heat press carousel, the job can be completed in just 10 seconds.

Whether you order is in small or large quantities, this intelligent machine for sure will fulfill your customers order at high speed with guaranteed quality, which minimizes labor costs and undoubtedly represents a high return on investment!