Benefits of Screen Printing on Custom Sports Jerseys

When competing teams in a sports event show up to the battle, it is a do or dies situation. At that time, the custom jerseys they wear need to showcase a perfect image of the motto of the team. Also, they should clearly tell which brands the team support. The more bold and clear the print is, the more it appeals to the audience. This is where screen printing comes into the play.

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Screen printing, which is also called silk screening, is an effective method used for image transfer on almost all types of clothes. Screen printing provides design versatility for the best appearance of your brand. Here are some of the main benefits of screen printing on custom sports jerseys:

Bold Images and Colors

One of the great rewards of using the screen print method for custom clothes is that images and colors transferred are vibrant. Screen printing delivers images that are bold, bright and clearer. This method includes the usage of an ink type which is thick. Therefore, prints stay on the top layer of the fabric and do not absorb into it. This often happens in the straight to the cloth printing method.

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Normally, a printed t-shirt starts fading out after some time, and this starts happening with the first wash. Gradually the design work on the t-shirt degenerates, which looks dreadful. Whereas, the vibrant and bold colors and designs of screen printed jerseys maintain great visibility of your brand. It keeps the image and motto of the team intact for a longer period.

Compatibility with All Colors

In the screen printing method, the used inks do not go through the fabrics. This allows your design to be printed in any and every color. Therefore, you only have to choose colors that match with the contrasts of the images and the color of the jersey.

The colors you select would greatly improve your brand’s image. It will promote the idea that your brand provides the best quality in products. The audience will associate the high-quality images on the sports jerseys with your branding.

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Professional Appeal

If your team consists of professional players, they should wear professional attire that conveys the same. Screen printing provides an excellent professional outlook on printed fabrics. The machines which the printing devices use dry up the inks at a fast pace. This allows the colors on the clothes to become more sturdy and resistant from usual scratching or usage.

The colors of the jerseys are highly visible and so they stand out in the crowd. They are perfect options for sports events as the audience would be able to know from afar the players of different teams. The professionalism your advertisement attires showcase attracts the audience and turn them into your customers. Who does not want a brand that provides quality services? The professional appeal of apparel shows that you do take all things seriously.

Full Customization

When you buy from a company that has screen printing experts, you are given insights on your logos and images. Professional print companies employ color experts and artists to provide a high-quality image and contrast on your clothing. The print company would do its best to provide you with a bright and bold print.

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Also, they will recommend the types of colors you should use for your t-shirts to promote your brand. The placement of a brand logo and image on a jersey matters very much when they are printed for sports events. Screen printing on sports apparel allows you to choose and make your combinations of colors.


Screen printing on sports jerseys is a very cost-effective resolution for promotional products and advertisements. This printing method is usable on any fabric or platform. Therefore, it allows selecting the type of fabric you desire to use for the promotion of your brand.

Standard print procedures usually need a long time to establish the print head and then fixate the color settings for prints. Whereas, during screen printing, the printers use mesh to set the colors that resonate with the image. This allows the task of screen printing to be completed much faster than standard printing.

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In conclusion, it is best to go for screen printed custom sports jerseys to promote your brand.