Everyone Loves T-shirt and Hoodie Printing

 It is very difficult that you will find a wardrobe without at least one t-shirt these days. A look into the future of t-shirts and hoodies is great. They are a great fashion detail, a basic piece of clothing as well as a walking billboard.

different t-shirt designs

New innovative printing technologies today make it possible to turn a T-shirt or hoodie into a completely new product.

Special effects in t-shirt/hoodies printing

The wide range of technologies available in t-shirt and hoodies printing allows a wide range of individuals to enter this business. Successful entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of adapting their products to the market in order to remain competitive. If you are in the fashion industry, special colors or attractive transfer decals will give your product added value.

added value on hoodie printing

No matter which technology you use from thermal transfer,DTG (Direct-to-Garment printing), Nanodiy or sublimation, with combining of new digital technologies and special colors offered by screen printing your product will be significantly more attractive than those of your competition. This combination of different technologies is called “multi-deck” and is very popular within the fashion industry.

Ink manufacturers offer excellent special effects that are easily applied to the already printed product. In recent years, we have witnessed new hybrid technologies using DTG printers as separate carousel units. The carousel is used for background white and special colors, while the DTG printer is in charge for printing CMYK colors in photographic quality. By combining these two technologies, printing on dark hoodies and T-shirts is many times faster and cheaper because it does not use white DTG color but prints in screen printing.

Entering the B2B and B2C business segment

The most important thing that will direct your business to the use of certain technologies is the market segment for which you plan to produce t-shirts, hoodies, aprons, canvas bags or some other product.

We divide printers into two groups. The first group of printers is B2B (Business-to-Business) oriented. This term means that they market their products to certain companies, associations, organizations, and B2C (Business-to-Customer) means production for the end user.

The B2B market in the USA is approximately more than 1 trillion dollars annually (textile decoration – printing, beads…) with an annual growth rate of 19%, and the B2C market is slightly smaller. It amounts to $ 600 billion and has a growth rate of 11%. Both markets have great growth that is constant since 2004 and the emergence of DTG printers.

In the B2B segment, you will most often work for companies, associations, sports clubs or similar organizations that do not usually order one T-shirt, but in larger quantities. Screen printing is a necessary technology for this market segment. It is an ideal combination with screen printing and a quality t-shirt/hoodie printer. These technologies will enable you to quickly deliver quality printed products. For smaller runs you can use Nanodiy or sublimation.

The B2C segment is somewhat more specific and the technology depends on the products you choose. For a classic t-shirt or hoody it is necessary to have the technology to print on light and dark hoodies and t-shirts. If your finances allow you to invest in a DTG (hoodies/t-shirt) printer, you will solve most of the needs for hoodies/t-shirts with it.

printing with dtg technology

For those who do not have the resources available for a DTG printer, a good option is to use Nanodiy or Ricoh technology for light T-shirts, and OKI or thermal transfer foil for dark T-shirts.

The web portal brings savings

Before starting a t-shirt and hoodie business, analyze the needs of the market, your financial capabilities and therefore combine the technologies offered by the market. In any case, investing in a good web store will make it easier for your partners to place an order, and reduce administrative work for you. If you have the ability to design independently and a good selection of ready-made templates within the website, you will save on product design for the customer. The combination of good web software and fast delivery of T-shirts,hoodies or any other products that you produce in editions from just one copy will surely open the market for a large number of future loyal customers.

web site for your hoodie/t-shirt business

Combining technologies to higher profits

 Each textile printing technique has some advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs and financial capabilities, choose one or combine several printing techniques.

Use Nanodiy or Ricoh for raster or vector printing on bright T-shirts. Ricoh is competitive with screen printing up to a hundred pieces, and Nanodiy due to the lower price of a print up to 300 t-shirts. Use OKI white technology for small runs of raster prints on dark textiles, and use thermal transfer for vector prints on dark fabrics. Monochrome prints on dark textiles over thirty pieces can be profitably done with screen printing. If you want to offer your customer a higher print quality, invest in the purchase of a t-shirt printer with which you can print on both light and dark T-shirts.

Print ideas on sweatshirts and t-shirts

T-shirt printing ideas

T-shirts are a fashion accessory that will never go out of fashion. It is a garment worn by all populations, whether they are young or old. However, not everyone likes to have a t-shirt like half the city. Some of us like to be different from others. The right solution are personalized products, i.e. unique T-shirts with various inscriptions and pictures.

t-shirt designs

Hoodies or T-shirt printing is a form of personalized expression that differs from others. In addition of providing maximum comfort for the person, it can also show the characteristics of the person who wears that hoody or t-shirt. Such pieces of clots can also serve as great ideas for birthday gifts. Design ideas are numerous. Below are some of them.

Ideas related to politics: The most common message on T-shirts is of a political nature. The political scenario will largely provoke numerous reactions from the masses, and this is the best way for an individual to indirectly express his consent or disapproval.

Celebrity ideas: Printing the face of celebrities on your t-shirt is also a good idea. You can print anyone on your hoodie or t-shirt, and most often those are favorite celebrities, such as musicians, your role models, or even members of your family. These t-shirt ideas are very popular among customers.

Quotes or captions: Many like to have some interesting, funny caption on their hoodie or t-shirt. In addition to that, you can print some famous quote or wise saying that is extremely important and relevant to you.

Environmental ideas: Another popular idea that can very often be seen on the street today is the message about preserving and protecting the environment. Such as something related to global warming or related to the conservation of different species of animals or plants. The choice is arbitrary.

green t-shirt production

 Ideas related to sports: Individuals who are sports fans will definitely have a T-shirt with their favorite sports star printed in their collection. Or it could be a logo or design that is appropriate for your favorite sport.

When choosing an idea, be creative, controversial, brave, because only in this way you will have a unique design that will evoke more than just the curious glances of passers-by. And it will also introduce you as a person.

Over the years, licensed t-shirts have also gained immense popularity. Many famous companies, many designers design t-shirts that already contain various inscriptions, pictures and the like. Such t-shirts may also be relevant to you. T-shirts are also used as a means of promotion, i.e. to advertise a business by a company or sponsor.

t-shirt/hoodie store

The importance of the printing is great. Besides being used as a t-shirt print, it can also be used to express different moods using mugs, for example. The younger generations usually choose a controversial and more rebellious design to show their individuality and express their opinion in a slightly different way, while at the same time following fashion trends. With such shirts a person can be expressed in a slightly different way, a way that cannot be expressed in normal circumstances. In this way a different persons can paint their thoughts and their views of the world in an effective way, they just needs to choose a design and idea that states exactly what is on their mind.