Premium Advantages of UV DTF Printing in Everyday Life

Recently, UV DTF printing has attracted more and more investors.

With the improvement of the level of technology and aesthetics in people’s daily life, there will be certain requirements for design and beauty for daily needs that can be seen everywhere in life.

UV DTF printing can qualitatively meet these requirements by printing or transferring on the surface of most hard materials.

Why UV DTF is more widely used Than UV printer?

UV DTF printing is based on the improvement of UV printing itself, it can additionally support the printing of UV crystal marking, crystal marking after printing, and can be transferred to the surface of various types of irregular objects.

Both support hard material surface printing, and the performance effect is good. . But UV DTF printing is more flexible.

First of all, UV DTF printers support various printing methods, directly onto glass, acrylic, metal and other materials to print designs.

It is slightly larger for the volume of the substrate, with the advantage of flexibility and quick completion of the print.

Second, nowadays all levels of consumer markets pay more attention to refinement, personalization, and UV DTF printing can be just that, unique, in accordance with the needs of all levels of consumer markets.

Premium means having better quality and more beautiful designs that resonate with your spirit at a glance.

Van Gogh’s paintings, for example, give you a strange feeling of admiration, as if you were there in the painting and saw such vibrant and bright colors and scenery.

Currently, Sublistar’s latest Smart 3040H Star V Hybrid UV printer can achieve the industry’s highest resolution of 1200 DPI.

UV DTF printers have excellent performances

There are many UV DTF printers on the market today, with different prices, different materials used and of course different quality.

The Sublistar STAR V UV printer offers numerous product and substrate customization options, including printing directly onto objects up to 98mm thick.

With the magic of 3040h STAR V flatbed UV printing, graphics can be printed and stylish finishes can be added to standard substrates as well as unique promotional items.

Enables multi-layer printing: white, color and varnish are printed at the same time, which enables two- or three-layer printing.

Prints cylindrical objects: equipped with clamps/fasteners to print cylindrical bottles such as thermoses, glass, ceramic mugs, etc.

Equipped with a UV light shield: protection against shadow, dust, touch and UV radiation.

In addition, it also has high quality picture output, intelligent ink supply system, vacuum suction lifting platform, lifting and lowering ink capping station, multifunctional control panel, etc. to ensure high quality output of designs.

What is the quality of the transferred crystal marking?

Durability of UV DTF crystal marking if the marking is in the general indoor humidity of 40%-60% at a temperature of 26℃ under normal circumstances and if the frequency of use is low, then the print can be maintained for 5-8 years.

But if it is printed on cell phone cases or insulating cups and is used more often, then it may only last 1-2 years and may fade and wear out.

Therefore, it is clear that UV DTF printing is generally a better option for printing trophies, commemorative buttons, wrapped gifts and some disposable products.

Of course, each product has its advantages and disadvantages, and UV DTF is still in the development stage and has many functions to be developed.

The day the technology matures, maybe the advantages will be more obvious, the disadvantages will not become a point to consider, so let’s look forward to the advancement of technology and refueling for a better future!