Why Do So Many People Choose UV DTF Printers Now?

What are UV DTF printers?

UV DTF printers are printers that can print on all types of hard surfaces, such as glass, acrylic, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic, paper packaging or transfer printed crystal labels to these materials.

It can be said that the appearance of UV DTF printers has grown rapidly in the last few years and a large number of small companies have entered this industry due to their simple management, small dimensions and many great possibilities that were not possible before.

Currently, Sublistar has several small UV DTF printers that are ideal for small businesses and end users.

sublistar uv dtf printer

Why has the attention on UV DTF printers been increasing over the past two years?

As each new thing emerges, its advantages will quickly attract businessmen who are aware of business opportunities.

Precisely because of their advantages, UV DTF printers are receiving more and more attention for their newer technology, simplification of roll-to-roll printing and unique and innovative solutions for customizing applications.

UV DTF printers have surpassed UV printers with their characteristics and have successfully solved some of their shortcomings.

For example, original UV printers cannot print directly on smooth surfaces, but for UV DTF printers this is not a problem and they can also do transfer printing, as well as printing on a flat surface,so this flexibility of UV DTF printer is their big advantage.

Initially, UV DTF printers were presented to the public in the form of flat printing and they have some different production steps than UV printers.

The most important thing is to first print the design on the UV A film and then use the laminator to attach the B film to the A film.

uv dtf printer in production

Now, with newer and more advanced technology, UV DTF printers have an additional roll-to-roll printing method.

Without the need to use a laminator as an aid, the design is printed on the A-film and then the B-film is automatically laminated.

The main solution and the main use for the application of UV DTF printing machine these days is to print crystal labels, which can be widely and firmly stuck to the transfer object, which are scratch-resistant and can be flexibly adjusted freely on all sizes of objects.

Keychains, metal tags, acrylic coasters, personalized glass cups, etc. they are all customizable and can be printed with this technology.

Why are UV DTF printers the public’s choice?

The uniqueness of UV DTF printers has already been presented in the content above, so it is an inevitable result that the public will choose and use these UV DTF printers more and more.

Now Sublistar brand can do printing with 3D relief effect, support 360 ° printing, support printing thickness of 18cm or less, product height of 9mm or less.

The use of industrial high-quality materials is the advantage of this UV DTF printer, printing stability, high-quality printing.

Most importantly, it also satisfies and solves the common problems initially raised in the article. Small footprint and full functionality.

In addition to the above reasons, there is another important reason, which is the global economic crisis, which also has a great impact on large manufacturers who have the power to buy large machines.

Today, many rich manufacturers are actually afraid that the investment and return are not proportional, so small UV DTF printers are now one of the main choices for the public.

Some manufacturers have a strong service team that can provide technical guidance when customers use UV DTF printers, as well as supervise customers and help them with some important details such as when to perform routine maintenance, provide them with assistance in case of a malfunction, and so on, which is very responsible.

products printed with uv dtf technology

In short, UV DTF printers still have certain market advantages, and great development potential.

If you are still hesitant or feel that there are still many questions about the UV DTF printer industry, you can click on one of the links in this article to get even more information about UV DTF printers, which can help you better understand the different aspects of this machines and this technology.