10 Most Common Types of T-Shirt Printing Methods

Starting a T-shirt Printing Business? Have you ever wondered how cool designs end up on shirts?

Let’s make things easy and see the top ten t-shirt printing methods.

This guide is for the do-it-yourself fan or a person planning to run his own business.

Pick up simple methods of customizing shirts and get better at the trade.

This blog post includes all that you will ever need to either improve your hobby or start a successful t-shirt printing business.

Choosing The Right T-Shirt Printing Method

Think of how you desire your T-shirt to appear.

With that being said, now is the time to discover different types of t-shirt printing methods.

Not to worry, it might look like a huge task though.

Now let us look at the various aspects you must consider to pick suitable options for the type of shirts you prefer.

●        Define Your Vision: Ensure you understand the complexities of the desired T-shirt idea. Is it a plain logo, complex pattern, or full print?

●        Explore Additional Features: The textures and effects in other approaches such as embroidery and vinyl cutting are unique. Instead of going for visual appeal only, you can add a special touch or texture to your designs to make them unique.

●        Get Samples and Test Prints: Big production runs must always include samples or test prints. It allows you to assess the effects arising from these approaches.

●        Seek Expert Advice: If after the stage of confusion, you are still not sure, you may take a print from printing professionals or field experts.

Though they cannot be the ones to choose the method for you, they can give you advice based on your needs and the right method.

10 Types of T-Shirt Printing Methods

1. Screen Printing

Screen printing is like painting your shirt with a big stencil that helps you out. It is like a big-scale, hands-on craft project.

Vibrant and detailed designs arise from the use of different stencils for each color.

2. Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG is a fancy way of saying that you’re printing your outfit using a high-tech machine.

The print is great for fine art or complex designs that give your T-shirt a really great professional or clean look.

3. Heat Transfer Vinyl

Do you know what iron-on patches are? Heat transfer vinyl works similarly.

The vinyl sheet has to be a particular one that is cut into the needed design and heat applied to transfer it onto the fabric. It’s like magic with heat!

4. Dye Sublimation Printing

Using this method is analogous to creating a painting on your T-shirt.

These inks are heated to become gas, and this makes them get into the fabric.

The result? Quality soft and bright print that does not crack or peel.

5. Heat Press Printing

You should choose heat press printing if you love simplicity.

Special paper is designed, and then heat and pressure are used to print the design onto the fabric. Easy-peasy!

6. Airbrushing

Airbrushing is a technique that utilizes an airbrush for spraying paint on cloth.

A hands-on approach provides an opportunity for original works that are unique from one another.

7. Stenciling

Think of those DIY stencils you used for art projects.

Well, they’re back! This implies that stenciling involves making a pattern and painting the shirt via the pattern.

It is very classy and affordable as well.

8. Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting provides you with picture precision in your design.

Your chosen design is cut out of a vinyl sheet by a machine, and then it is transferred onto the shirt or cloth, and the end result you get is a crisp and clear look that is eye-catching.

9. Hand and Spray Painting

Get your hands ready for work. Hand and spray painting use the human hand to apply the paint onto the fabric. This allows for creativity and a distinctive touch.

10. Embroidery

Embroidery adds a touch of class. Sophisticated designs are applied to the T-shirt fabric providing it with a luxurious feel.

Choosing a T-Shirt Printing Method – Factors to consider.

Selecting a suitable printing technique for T-shirts is essential to attaining the expected appearance and endurance of prints.

With that in mind, let us take a look at some basic factors you should consider when choosing the most appropriate print process among the different types of t-shirt printing methods.

       Design Complexity

Go for DTG printing or Dye sublimation if you want intricate designs with multiple colors and fine details.

These procedures resemble an extremely exact copy of intricate designs, and every detail is perfect.

       Fabric Type

Printing methods differ depending on fabric type.

Consider Dye Sublimation Printing if you are interested in T-shirts with all-over prints.

That permits bright and continuous prints all over the fabric.

       Production Quantity

The type of printing is dependent on the number of T-shirts you require. Large print runs opt for screen printing, which is the cheapest way of large-scale production.

However, DTG printing is better suited to smaller quantities as it can fit into small projects.


Select a printing method that fits within your budget limits.

In some cases, these t-shirt printing methods may be cheaper even for small orders, something that suits people with smaller budgets.


Durability becomes a crucial factor, especially if your T-shirts are meant for workwear or uniforms that get worn every day and washed often.

Screen printing is often considered a reliable choice among the various types of t-shirt printing for products that are likely to be used regularly for long periods.

       Time and Resources

Evaluate the resources and time allowed for the printing process.

Some ways, like heat press printing, work faster and better, while they will be handy for novices and small orders with little spare time.

Choose different types of t-shirt printing methods that go well with your timeline and the resources you have.

Final Words

It is important to consider the appropriate method of T-shirt printing for an excellent result.

Each method of printing has its advantages, whether it is classic screen printing, heat transfer, or modern direct-to-garment.

Take into consideration your budget, design, and quantity.

Knowing the various types of shirt printing methods, it is now okay to proceed and design T-shirts that look amazing.

You can also use t-shirt design software to create stunning designs.