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Special offset inks: Metallic /  Pearlescent A special position among the printing inks has been earned by those printing inks manufactured using metal pigments, iridescent pearl effect pigments, or interference pigments. These printing inks are also called gold and silver printing inks, or inks that demonstrate a metal-like character. Gold […]

Special offset inks

transfer of ink
The transfer of offset printing ink to the printing substrate or intermediate carrier through splitting the ink layer is mainly affected by the following parameters: the thickness of the ink layer on the offset printing plates (ink supply), the period of contact (printing speed and geometry of the printing components), […]

Offset printing inks – transfer

powder application offset printing
In sheet-fed offset printing, the conventional ink is still not thoroughly dry when the sheet arrives at the delivery pile. Consequently one of the major requirements in sheetfed offset printing is the avoidance of smearing, offsetting (transfer of ink onto the following sheet), and blocking in the pile (sheets lying […]

Powder Application in Offset Printing

drying hot air in offset
One problem with offset printing is that the ink is usually not sufficiently dry after printing, and therefore direct further processing/finishing of printed sheets is not possible. In offset printing a sufficiently dry sheet that can be further processed is only achieved through special additional drying units integral to the […]

Types Of Drying In Offset Printing