X-Rite and Pantone Solutions

Multinational corporations X-Rite in its product portfolio also includes products from company Pantone, known for the development and production of special colors that make a significant difference in the differentiation of graphic products, which affects the creation of value-added products, and thus promote the growth of income.

Measuring Devices from Exact series – User-friendly

New gauges from EXACT series are using touch technology and intuitive software for precise measurements of color recordings.  X-Rite products enable you to solve a widespread problem of measuring and comparing the color on different substrates and surfaces.



Exact can be set individually for each user according to his needs because the same  functions are not  equally necessary to the machine operators and production manager, allowing users quick access to the tools they need, often with just one click. The platform is using X-Rite Graphic Arts Standard (XRGA) and Color Exchange Format (CXF) for easy file sharing on color vision information.
Exact is adapted to the requirements and budget of the company and its series of spectrophotometers works with another powerful X-Rite products for the printing industry, including IQC Color Print, Ink Formulation 6, NetProfiler 3.0 and PantoneLIVE service of storing data on the cloud (multiuser network folder), that provides the ability to brand owners to link their suppliers.

Solutions to Optimize Business

Color Print IQC and Pantone LIVE – optimize projects by checking that all the suppliers, from the owner of brands and designers and all to the production, have credible and accurate information about the color, when and where they need.

pantone live

Pantone live

Pantone LIVE – improved color matching on the label and packaging through a variety of printing technologies and substrates, leading to closer ties among printing company and owner of brands.

IQC Color Print – provides each company in the course of determining the tasks or measurement data in the form of normal color to use and send data to the next vendor in line, with the certainty that the information will be stored in the identical state it was sent to.

Net Profiler 3.0 – software based on a cloud and standards of color, which allows companies to validate and optimize the results of their devices for measuring color. NetProfiler minimizes the differences between the measurement devices caused by age, amortization or the environment.

Scanning solutions – automatic measuring instruments for printing machine, densitometers and spectrophotometers that are placed on the ink supply control panel for automatic measurement of ink zones.

ink formula solutions

Ink formula solutions

Ink Formulation solutions – software for color management. Provides fast, accurate and efficient formula for mixing colors for offset, flexo, gravure printing and screen printing.