Bobst ExpertCut – a revolutionary development

New EXPERTCUT 106 PER is characterized by a number of features that enhance operations and make it the ideal machine for medium and large companies – manufacturers of packaging.  At Drupa 2012, Bobst has introduced a new version of his die-cutter Expertcut 106 PER for separating blanks, engineered for higher productivity, optimize uptime and increase the number of processes.

ExpertCut 106 PER

Bobst ExpertCut 106 PER

“EXPERTCUT 106 PER is designed for medium and large producers of packaging and we were ready to give him some new features that allow users to increase production, lower cost, easier maintenance and less waste. These changes are starting from punches and include new technology at the feeder of the machine, changes in transportation of sheet, quick preparation for discharge of waste and exposure, and development to optimize production processes and therefore prolongs life of tools  for punching.” – says Jacques Reymond, Head of Marketing.

Investing in Development

“The first thing we did is a further development of so called “Smart Feeder”, which manages the feeder in EXPERTCUT“ says Reymond. Smart Feeder is equipped with suction heads that have enhanced awareness of lifting the sheets and delivery as well as new features that provide fast setup and continuous feeding, regardless of the quality of the cardboard. In parallel, the Plug in- table with new equipment reduces the number of sheets  lost during the downtime of the machine, has a faster set-up and transport sheet with much less downtime.  Continually focused on reducing the daily costs of producer of packaging, new technology saving tool (Tool Saver), reduces the pressure in dies when there is no passage of sheets. By reducing the pressure when there is no sheets, Tool Saver prolongs tool life. This means that high quality can be maintained by increasing the number of punches that reduce the production cost of each box. As soon as the feeder begins again, the pressure reverts back to the required level, without the need for additional activity on the dies from the operator, reducing production disruptions to a minimum.

Bobst LaserNew EXPERTCUT 106 PER also calculated the optimal number of sheets associated with delays based on thickness of  cardboard, saving at least seven sheets per cycle of feeding. Taking into account the number of sheets that are feed from the pallets, the system provides more time for production, higher production capacity and financial savings.

Section for separation at the new EXPERTCUT  has features called Quick Set, which make it faster and easier to adjust, thanks to the handle for non-stop lock, with the press  of the button. In addition, when comes for the job change, framework tools may not be returned to the zero position, which makes the change of work orders quicker and easier for the operator. New Bernoulli table for deceleration control extends to the very edge of the sheet, when he stops,at the outbreak of the waste and at the separation, which is key to maintaining a plane sheet, and consequently the quality of die-cutting. The new unit has an automatic cleaning function, reducing the frequency of maintenance requirements and increasing machine availability.

“Using smart system, we are able to help customers achieve significant savings of time, creating more time for profitable production, while at the same time is reduced maintenance and the cost of using tools,” says Jacques Reymond.

In-line Blank Separation

Automatic In-line Blank Separation

Looking at the orders of the new EXPERTCUT’s 106 PER, received after Drupa, the newly developed innovations are very well received in the industry. In fact, the first punches of the new generation are already in full operation and feedback from customers are really great.

Source: MyPrintResource