Three Ninja Tips for Creating Synergy with Your Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment Process

Your ecommerce business is only going to be as successful as your fulfilment process allows. Juggernauts like Amazon and Zappos have masterminded some of the most effective fulfillment systems in history, and we can all borrow a ninja skill from their playbooks. In this article, learn about three ways that you can streamline order fulfillment by making some simple changes that will save you both time and money.



Use Peel-Off Shipping Labels

While there are plenty of ecommerce shopkeepers who have sworn by thermal labels for eons, the truth is that they can greatly limit your productivity in the fulfillment process. That’s because they rely upon a thermal printer, most often a device that is unable to print your packing list in tandem. This forces shopkeepers to succumb to the more tedious and error-prone, two-system pick-and-pack process – where they print a shipping label from one printer and a packing list from another as they fulfill orders. With peel-off shipping labels, you can print a packing list on the same sheet of paper as your shipping label, easing the fulfillment process and reducing the necessary time involved while denigrating the propensity for errors to occur. What’s more is that these labels don’t require an expensive thermal printer; they can print from a laser or inkjet printer instead.

Go to a One-System Process

How does a one-system pick-and-pack process help you become an ecommerce fulfillment ninja? Because it cuts down on your fulfillment time while reducing the probability of errors. Think about it. If you are pulling a packing list from one system and then matching it to the shipping label from another, while picking and packing your outbound orders, an error will eventually occur. This can cost you time and money in the form of returns, return shipping fees and frustrated customers. Instead, a one-system method eases your efforts and improves accuracy for faster, easier fulfillment.

Synergize with a Software Solution

The best suggestion that can be offered is to consolidate your entire shipping and order fulfillment process into one feature-rich software solution. Thanks to technology, newer systems merge the multi-carrier capability (FedEx, UPS and USPS) with a peel-off shipping label system while integrating into your desired ecommerce shopping cart or marketplace. Such solutions can instantly import your orders, assign a shipping carrier (while showing you who offers the best rates), generate your shipping labels and send email updates to your customers. And all in just a few clicks. That’s how ninjas ship. That’s how easy it should be (and can be) for you, too.

About the Author

Michael Lazar is a Scottsdale, Arizona, based Growth Hacker that works for a company called TrueShip (maker of ReadyShipper shipping software and ReadyLabels peel-off shipping labels system). When he is not busy helping to grow TrueShip, Lazar can be found around town with his lovely wife, running at nights with his two mastiffs, or playing music at a variety of venues in his punk rock band.