The Options you get when you buy your Laser Marking Machine

Laser engraving is one of the best ways to brand pendants, metal flasks, engraving diaries, engraving metal objects, engraving on metal pens… Laser is one of the most popular machines in the graphics industry and brings the ability to create a product with unique branding. Laser branding brings a long-term look to your favorite promotional item and brings the ability to create quality in the long run.

technology of laser engraving

In order how to choose laser marking machine for your business it is good to know some important facts connected with laser engraving and cutting.

Materials suitable for laser marking and engraving

Stainless steel
Anodized aluminum
Reinforced metals
Alloy steel
High speed steel
Titanium, titanium alloys
Precious metals (e.g. silver, gold)
Coated metals

What does laser and laser engraving bring?

Laser engraving is a quality way to:

– Direct labeling of the product and direct transfer of the visual display to the promotional item and does not increase the cost of consumables such as toners, chemicals, pastes or sprays.

– The need for handling and disposal of expensive materials as well as the creation of low-quality and very harmful waste has been eliminated.

direct labeling with cnc marking machines

– There is no need for preparatory or follow-up procedures.

– Tool wear is eliminated, the life of the laser itself is long.

Advantages of laser engraving

Your item will receive a special and more luxurious note, which with its long-term quality can create in the eye of your partner the feeling that it is a very valuable promotional gift and business gift. The engraving can be done on items such as:

-metal ballpoint pens

-metal flasks

-metal visitors

-metal tiles

-metal pendants

-metal hooks

-metal credentials

-metal lighters

-metal wine sets

-engraving knives and kitchen cutlery

What does laser engraving offer?

– All designs can be created via laser, with good vector preparation (.ai or .pdf, and even .eps files)

– The formation of fonts in the size of one point is also possible because it leads to quality in the reading itself

– Even photos can be engraved in a certain amount of time.

Laser engraving, as already mentioned, gives the best results precisely on metal surfaces, and especially on the surfaces of products or packaging made of very solid metals or alloys. Laser engraving is mainly used in industry for the purpose of branding, marking values on tools and for marking various serial numbers or bar codes on metal packaging. Laser engraving on metal is permanent, indelible and can only be damaged by friction or scratching.

use of laser engraving for branding

Color laser engraving is a marking process that uses a MOPA laser fiber source to mark paint on a metal surface, such as stainless steel, titanium, etc. MOPA refers to a configuration consisting of a main laser (or seed laser) and an optical amplifier to increase the output power. A special case is the main oscillatory fiber amplifier (MOFA). In other cases, the MOPA may consist of a rigid laser beam and a fat amplifier, or of an adjustable diode laser with an external cavity and a semiconductor optical amplifier.

Color laser marking, or color laser engraving as it is known, is the process of adding color to an object that has to be marked. “Marking” is a more convenient term because engraving removes part of the surface of the material, creating a cavity, and at the same time only “stains” the surface. You could, however, engrave the piece with a laser and then mark it with laser paint directly afterwards.

color laser marking

Using color for laser marking or engraving allows you to expand your capabilities and provide more versatility in your product offering, as well as enticing features for your customers. Color laser engraving can basically be divided into two subtypes, namely laser color engraving on metal and color laser marking on plastic.