Top Selling Print-On-Demand Products in 2020 vs 2019


The print business has come very far since its inception, and today, we have products with prints of our face too. Technologies used for printing has evolved beautifully and let us see what print-on-demand products you must shop for or start selling in 2020. 

Some of us might have said 2019 was a tough or bad year but, today there might hardly a few among us who might not be cursing 2020 due to the pandemic it bought along. With people forced to stay safe at home, online services witnessed a sudden surge in demand and who would have thought we could get printed products online too? 

Print merchandisers keep on experimenting their creativity on new products, and now we have a fully-loaded range of print products to choose from. Due to new software and technologies, customers are now able to design and personalize products as they desire and get it printed and delivered right at their doorstep. So, in 2019 we indeed witnessed some great innovations in print but what 2020 has given us? Let’s take a look.

Since 2020 is almost nearing the end, we decided to throw some light on the print trends that one must check out than we used to get in the previous year. 

Top trending print-on-demand products in 2020 vs 2019. 

1. Printed Masks 

We all know 2020 was not so a welcoming year for us all as we are still battling the deadly virus COVID-19. Although, it did teach us all a lesson that hygiene is important and how now we are so conscious about it. Along with frequent handwashing and maintaining social distancing, one that is most important for prevention for coronavirus is wearing masks. A variety of masks began flooding the market since then but, printed ones are stealing the thunder. People are now looking for innovations in masks, and some print companies are even providing masks with an individual has printed smile on it. 

2. Stickers

You cannot keep saying things like – wash your hands, sanitize well, stay home, maintain social distancing etc. all the time. There, stickers can play a good part; hence, printed stickers are in demand everywhere now, which is a good idea for a startup if it can be getting started with the sticker design software

3. Tote Bags

With so many things happening in 2020, people have started becoming environment conscious and so are looking for eco-friendly options in everything. Tote bags – made of fabric are in trend and is slowly replacing plastic bags since they are 100% reusable and often made from recycled materials. Now, many print companies have started selling them giving a twist of print designs in it which you too can offer or buy yourself.  

4. Labels

Today label is widely is used for branding and advertising. Many organizations believe that label is the perfect approach to gain the massive attention of potential customers. In addition, growing demand of packed foods and increased penetration of modern retail trade outlets has upsurge the demand of label. Therefore, integration of label design software with the existing system can help you drive the growth.

3. Mugs

The fear of coming in contact with an infected person has triggered the need for using personal things in humans, and so, people are now avoiding things that they used to share before COVID like mugs in offices and even home and are getting one for themselves. Therefore, 2020 has given rise to the usage of personalised mugs to meet the rising needs and emotional attachment to mugs by customers.  

5. Printerior 

The months of lockdown bought significant changes in humans, and we have started experimenting on a thing or another while at home; one among them is home decor.  People are enjoying the advancements in digital textile printing that offer on-demand print wallpapers, wall murals, photo collages, bespoke upholstery, carpets, table covers, drapes and so on, and are buying them like crazy to make their home warmer and cosier. 

6. Printwear

The COVID-19 scare has doubled the power of online business and people are now very much taking interest in becoming a print service provider. Therefore, you too can think of the same in the line of printwear products which includes t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shoes, etc. which are rising in demand as customers want to flaunt personalised messages related to coronavirus for public awareness. 

7.Wrapping Up 

Getting started with an online on-demand print business in 2020 can prove to be good and profitable due to the rising needs of printed products as you have seen above. Therefore, to get started, approach an experienced print service provider like Design’N’Buy and get started with any of the print business by selecting from the wide range of solutions like t-shirt design software, online printwear design software, online sticker design tool etc. to fulfil the print needs of customers.