Plate Blinding Chemical

Problem:Part or all of image on plate does not take ink.

Plate Blinding - Chemical

Plate Blinding - Chemical


  1. Fountain solution too acidic
  2. Excessive gum in fountain solution
  3. Plate cleaners and/or scratch removers have dried on plate image
  4. Fountain system contaminated by detergent
  5. Excessive fountain solution in ink
  6. Improperly developed plates; gum adheres to image area



  1. Adjust fountain solution to proper pH/conductivity (pH 4.0-4.5)
  2. Re-etch plates and rub up image areas with press ink; replace fountain solution with tap water; if image returns, replace tap water with fountain solution containing less gum
  3. Rinse plate well after cleaning
  4. Thoroughly rinse all washed parts before re-installing in press
  5. Reduce dampener setting to minimum level; consult ink manufacturer Wash plate thoroughly; remake if necessary
plate blinding or wear

plate blinding or wear