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color saturation
Problem:Solids appear to lack density Cause: Improper ink/water balance Improper concentration of fountain solution Non-uniform dampening Loss of image area Improperly set form rollers Solution: Adjust to proper ink/water balance Adjust fountain solution to proper pH/conductivity (pH 4.0-4.5) Clean brushes, flicker blades, etc; replace if necessary Adjust form rollers to […]

Color Too Weak

plate blinding or wear
Problem:Part or all of image on plate does not take ink. Cause: Fountain solution too acidic Excessive gum in fountain solution Plate cleaners and/or scratch removers have dried on plate image Fountain system contaminated by detergent Excessive fountain solution in ink Improperly developed plates; gum adheres to image area   […]

Plate Blinding Chemical

istick Offset printers know very well what this problem represents: printing sheets stick together because they are electro-statically charged. This condition may result in feeder trip-offs, print voids from surface contamination, ink offset, or poor sheet jog in the delivery.  Static electricity arises from either an electron deficit (positive charge) […]

Electrostatic Charge on Paper