Premieres from HP Indigo

B2 the new HP Indigo machine breaks boundaries

• HP Indigo 10 000 Digital Press – the first digital printing machine with offset quality in B2 format (750 x 530 mm), designed for all commercial offset printing jobs. HP Indigo 10 000 will be available next year, offering superior quality and high productivity.

• HP Indigo 7600 and 5600 models with additional features greatly enhance the business by adding a number of new features. The upgrades will also be available to current users of the HP Indigo 7500, 7000 and the 5500th

All quality’s from HP Indigo machines now in B2 format

Digital HP indigo 10000

HP indigo 10000

10 000 HP Indigo digital machine B2 format allow greater efficiency for a large number of standard commercial jobs, thus achieving greater productivity while reducing costs. The machine will be available in early 2013, bringing the quality of offset printing, which were for many years adorned the 98 percent of commercial jobs printed on HP Indigo presses.

Combining efficiency, achieved on B2 format and high productivity, clients are able to transform a large number of jobs from offset to digital printing. HP Indigo 10 000 prints with a speed of 3450 sheets per hour in standard mode, offering 33 percent faster production, with 4600 printed sheets per hour, using a single HP Indigo Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM). EPM enables clients to achieve greater productivity per shift while reducing costs, speeding up delivery time and increasing profits. The machine allows the monthly production of a whopping two million sheets.

HP Indigo 10 000 supports media from 75-450 microns thick and is compatible with a wide range of printing substrates certified for HP Indigo 7600 digital presses. Designed for high production and high quality printing, this machine also offers:

• Up to seven color units, offering credible releases of PANTONE ® colors

• Less disruption in the shift, using a feeder that raises up palette 1 m in height and two drawers with a capacity of 7500 sheets

• Advanced, closed control system that includes cameras for registration, in line spectrophotometer and HP Vision System Technology

• Highly automated system of checks and replacement plates (PIP).

Delivery on the machine is compatible with all standard systems for finishing which own most of the clients. In addition, HP is continually working with the world’s largest manufacturers of machinery for finishing, to enhance as much as possible and automate the entire process.

Faster production and new effects – the HP Indigo 7600

HP Indigo 7600

HP Indigo 7600

Built on the success of the HP Indigo 7000 and 7500 models, the new digital printing machine HP Indigo 7600 increases productivity, automation and flexibility.

HP Indigo 7600, prints 120 A4 sides per minute (ppm) in standard mode, and is also offering 33 percent faster production of 160 ppm using EPM.

Machine introduces unique high-quality effects that allow customers to create a variety of decorations for invitations, greeting cards, luxury products, brochures and other printed materials. Expanding capabilities of the machine, the special effects include:

• High printing, using several layers of ink, creates an image of up to 50 microns

• The possibility of embossing or debossing by creating a cliché on the machine itself in less than three minutes

• Digital watermark for documents that need to be secured.

Capability to provide customers high-quality product is supported by the possibility of using more than 2500 coated, uncoated and specialty substrates currently certified for use on HP Indigo digital 7xx0-series of digital machines. Almost all the features of the new HP Indigo 7600 machine will be offered as an additional option to the existing users of HP Indigo 7000 and 7500 models.

New business opportunities – HP Indigo 5600

Digital printing machines - HP Indigo 5600

Digital printing machines – HP Indigo 5600

HP Indigo 5500 digital machine is the best-selling model in the history of Indigo, with more than 1500 units installed worldwide since its appearance in May 2007. Based on the experience and success of that model HP Indigo has created a new HP Indigo 5600 digital printing machine.

Available now, the HP Indigo 5600 can print 68 A4 pages per minute in standard color mode, 136 ppm for jobs in two colors, and 272 pages per minute for monochrome jobs.

Machine allows color printing in a single pass – “One Shot” mode, providing customers the ability to enter new markets: plastic cards, applications printed on Tesla, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PET’s (polyethylene terephthalate), and PC in (polycarbonate) or other synthetic substrates. Machine simply moves from one mode to the other, allowing customers to mix business.

New red-fluorescent invisible ink provides users of HP Indigo 5600 digital printing machine the ability of security applications, ID cards, tickets, etc…

Option of printing white color give client’s possibility to enter a new market by giving them the option of printing on transparent material, and with a combination of Color Logic software and metallic effects are achievable.