The Importance of Data Breach Prevention

Now more than ever, companies need to focus more on data breach prevention. Companies rely on technology to store their data and private information and no technology is flawless. In 2013, the number of data breaches skyrocketed. Hackers accessed some well-known companies sensitive information, costing them millions of dollars. A data breach can cost around three million dollars on average. Data breaches also causes companies to lose customers because they no longer feel that their information will be safe dealing with that company. Then they will has to work even harder to rebuild their brand and regain their customers trust.

Every company should have a data breach prevention plan in place. They should always be prepared in case of a security system breach. Having a plan in place can help avoid a complete halt to the companies operations. Its customers will feel safer knowing that they know what to do and will be on top of any type of security threat. This plan should be shared with management. Everyone involved should know exactly what steps they need to take and what their role will be when dealing with the aftermath of a data breach.

Companies should also take the time to educate their employees on the proper ways to handle sensitive data. The company should make sure all employee knows what the rules are and ensure that they follow them to the fullest extent. If an employee is careless with information or not following the rules, then they should be dealt with immediately. This should not only just apply to the employees of the company. Anyone who works with the company, albeit vendors or freelancers, should be expected to be aware of any rules regarding the security of sensitive information.

One effective way to minimize the threat of a data breach is to minimize the amount of data that is kept. If the information is not pertinent to the companies operations, then there is no need for it. Hackers can not gain access to information that they can not find.

Companies should always get rid of any sensitive data that is no longer necessary. A company should also always be aware of who has access to sensitive information. If an individual does not need this information to do their job, then their is no need for them to have access to it. The less people that have access the better.

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