Professional Logotip Design Secrets

Behind every big brand stays well-designed logo

For many companies, a strong logo is exactly what users connect with a particular brand. A successful logo design is a recognizable symbol of your brand and helps customers recognize your products and services. When it comes to branding, the true logo design is the most important component.

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In today’s world of branding, everything is sold based on its value and popularity. If you have not left such an impression on the customer then you are standing bad in the business market.

Branding is the main idea behind the logo design. The way a customer sees your brand will directly affect the purchase decision. With the advancement in business advertising, branding has become a universal phenomenon instead of simple marketing tactics. Today, companies strive to create a picture in the eyes of others that is the projection of their inner ideas.

Logo is a key part of a brilliant branding strategy. However, creating a logo that is your brand and is visually appealing requires a tactical approach. You need to design a logo that will fully represent your brand on the one hand and emphasize company values, and which will not, on the other hand, be overcome and negatively affect the visual display.

Whether you need redesign of an existing logo or want a brand new logo, it is very important that you have a few guidelines in mind when creating your design.

Focus on simplicity

It is essential that your logo is simple. Too many details that need to be focused on make it difficult for both potential and existing users to recognize it. Too much inexperienced elements can lead to the confusing logo and not to fulfill its main purpose – to serve as an overview of your brand.
Whether you’re creating a new logo for a newly created company or redesigning a logo that does not fit in with time, it’s important to keep in mind that its main role is to symbolize your brand.

In addition to the great recognition and design that is beautiful to look at, the key thing is that your logo has to be simple because of its use on other materials, which leads us to the next point.

Think about where to use the logo

When you create a new logo or redesign an existing logo, you should also think about where you will use the logo and how it will look on different materials. From business cards, posters, to websites, it’s important to know in advance how the logo will look online and offline.
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Update your design over time

Unfortunately, even the best logos-they do not last forever. In order to be consistent with the times, it is important to make small changes from time to time so that your logo is still up to date. However, if your logo was successful in the past, it’s not the best solution to make drastic changes in design.

Sometimes only small changes to the font or use of simpler icons can help keep your logo in step with time. If you are working with the right team of designers, you will be able to find a balance between the existing design and the updated modern and new look.

Think of a timeless design

As already mentioned, after a certain time, your logo can become old-fashioned and be ready for redesign. A general guideline for redesigning a logo is to avoid everything that’s in the trend because it will not last long.

Often companies choose a design that is currently in the trend, which can be a costly mistake. If you choose a design that is currently popular and not long-lasting, it’s small possibility that it will remain popular, it may not fit your values, and there is a great chance that many other brands have a similar design.

 The process of logo design at LogoBigbang

The first step in the process of logo design is to understand the client’s basic needs. Before creating a logo, we try from our clients to get answers on a number of questions like:

What is the mission and vision of your business?
What achievements do you hope for 5-15 years?
How do you connect with your customers?
How do you promote your products and how do you achieve customer loyalty?
Who is your target group?

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Once we define the message that we want to transfer, the creative part of the job can start. At the beginning, we design several unique solutions in black and white variants. When a client decides for a particular concept, we are working on further refinement of the design. In this way we offer to the client several variations of the chosen solution. When we get to the final solution of the black and white variant of the logo we add the color. In the end, we provide the client with a logo in high resolution, including EPS, JPG, TIFF, PNG and other formats that the client requests.

Whether you need a new website, logo design or simple advice, your opinions and ideas are always welcome. You are involved in every step of the project in the way that best suits you.
We see you as a team member and work together to achieve the results we are all proud of.