IT Support in Printing Technology

IT Support relieves you of all your computer-related concerns and everything that is communicating with and running on them. It allows you to concentrate more closely on doing the primary tasks of your business using advanced modern technology without the need to understand them and know anything about them. Your only wish is that everything works perfectly in the service of your business, and the task of IT support is to enable all of this.

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Which jobs include IT support

The IT Support Company team usually consists of highly specialized IT professionals who possess recognized industry certifications and long-term experience. Description of the work they do is quite diverse and covers all parts of the IT support a user can ask for like:

Hardware and Software – they offer consulting, implementation and maintenance of hardware and software components (computers, computer networks, servers, network equipment, security solutions …).

IT infrastructure monitoring / proactive maintenance – using sophisticated technology, they proactively monitor and manage every part of the ICT infrastructure that is entrusted to them. In most cases, they can see a possible problem appearing and can resolve it even before customer contacts them, saving his money and time. They perform regular checkups and maintain your computer even when they work properly, acting preventively in order not to have future problems in the work.

Protection Office and the location / data protection – Backups your data and program or the entire system for your business enable their return easier in case of unwanted situations. By implementing firewalls and antivirus solutions, they protect your offices and locations from computer viruses, spam e-mails, and other malicious software.

On-line solutions – Creating web pages on customer suggestions and requirements with expert analysis and tips is just one of  many services that IT Support company provide. After creating the website, they offer you a service of accommodation and maintenance of the site with special benefits. They monitor the development of new cloud services every day and study their strengths and weaknesses in order to provide the best solution for clients.

Smart Solutions – Just design the direction your business will develop and they will offer you the best possible solution.

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Some of their solutions:

Print management
Mobile Device Management
Multi-Location Support
Cloud Solutions
24/7 IT Support
Network Security
Backup and Recovery

Use of IT support in Printing Technology

Effective calculation of any work in offset printing, according to your technology, with description and prices taken from your sales program. An easy way to search allows you to quickly find information and good analytics. Variation calculations, material status, billing, communications, and many more that will help you and make it easier for you to focus on developing and improving your business.
With this solution, you can very effectively create offers with full technical descriptions and images. Send offers to your existing or potential customers using their full contact information from your Business Address Book.

Upon completion of the contract, the contract and other documentation, scanned or already prepared in electronic form, are registered in your Logbook.

Prior to your payment, you issue receipts or invoices, whether advances or definitions, you register a charge through your account from your account from your commercial bank.

You control the delivery by registering changes in your Warehouses.

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Special Benefits

Good synchronization and notification of teams. With the internal message system you provide very secure information within your work teams, gathered around one or more activities.

During creation of offers the total price is automatically calculated.

You can automatically generate your invoices from your selected bid positions for your Finance team and many more.