Roll to Roll UV DTF Printer – Great Advantages and Features

We are witnessing how technology develops and changes at a high speed and makes our life easier day by day.

Similarly, the printing technology also developed and perfected with time and the improvement of our knowledge even about the smallest details.

One of the latest additions to printing technology is the UV roll-to-roll printing machine.

Like all new technologies from the new generation, the roll-to-roll UV DTF printers has various benefits and advantages over conventional printing methods in a variety of industries including signage, textiles, marketing banners and more.

This type of printing is increasingly popular due to its versatility, speed with high quality printing, as well as the fact that the print is very durable, resistant to fading, scratching and environmental factors such as UV radiation and moisture.

This durability makes UV printing suitable for a variety of applications, while ensuring that graphics and lettering remain vibrant and intact over time.

UV DTF Printers – Transfer Printing Without Sticking the Coating on the Substrate

UV DTF printers are an extension of the UV printer and compensate for some of the disadvantages that the UV printer has.

It should be noted that it is difficult for UV printers to print directly on smooth surfaces such as mirrors. And UV ink adhesion is very poor, resulting in poor overall print results.

Despite the later technological breakthroughs, UV printers can still only print on some coated substrates, such as: metal coating, ABS coating, leather coating, silicone coating, glass coating, PC coating, etc.

But due to the limitation of the printing surface, some objects must be embedded in the imaging equipment, which is difficult to realize.

UV DTF printers are created for printing on difficult surfaces such as walls, floors, windows, the inside of cups and so on.

When ink is transferred to this hard material surfaces, it becomes scratch and wear resistant.

This is a very economical and practical way of custom printing.

Multi-layer Printing + 3D Embossing Effect

The UV DTF printer is a high-quality highly configured printer, its 3 print heads can realize W+CMYK+W+Varnish multi-layer printing with vivid color printing.

At the same time, it can realize 3D relief and multi-layer transparent concave-convex effect with first-class gloss and texture.

This is most obvious when printing oil painting samples, with clear layers, returning the true image of the original author, and the sense of concavity and convexity can be perfectly presented, which is one of the best choices for personalized customization.

High Luxury Customization

UV DTF printers have a constant development on the market, and the technology is constantly updated with new achievements.

From the original plain printing, it can now support more kinds of high-luxury customization like hot stamping with silver or gold foil.

The effect of hot foil embossing can be applied to business cards, high-end paper packaging bags, gift bags or other high-end photo frames, commemorative trophies and so on.

UV DTF Printer—Superior Performance

Strong ink adaptability

Roll-to-roll UV DTF printer uses environmentally friendly UV ink, printed colors are bright and vivid, have strong adhesion, wear and scratch resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance.

Good usability on AB film, quality print finish, easy sticking and peeling.

White Ink Mixing Function

Due to the difference between white ink and CMYK inks, there is a difference in the size of the ink particles to prevent clogging of the nozzles, which would affect the printing process.

The white ink mixing function can effectively prevent white ink from settling.

Advanced Ink Supply System

Equipped with multiple ink bottles, you can print brightly colored patterns.

During the printing process, white inks and color inks together with varnish come out simultaneously for more efficient production.

High Quality Motor and Damping of the Guide

Equipped with high-precision silent guides and motors to ensure smooth printing, this printer creates a low noise level and thus a better working environment, focusing on the physical and mental health of employees and the human environment.

These are the common characteristics of roll-to-roll UV DTF printers currently on the market, which are constantly being improved in all fields with the advancement of technology and whose future is bright and secure in the years ahead.