Where Can i Buy Stable Quality DTF Printers for T-Shirts

DTF printers are very popular amongst garment printers these days.

But while there are many brands of DTF T-shirt printers on the market, many customers are unsure of which one to buy.

Currently, the internet is well developed and has many purchasing channels, such as Amazon, Alibaba International, Shopify, and independent sites.

These platforms can intuitively see the customer’s real price for the product, as well as the customer’s real use experience.

 It is one of the most popular buying methods currently being offered to the public.

Back to the topic, this article discusses how to choose a DTF printer that prints stably and can be used with a variety of tools.

What are the elements that should be present in a stable printable DTF printer that should be clearly identified?

On a stable printing DTF printer, each part of the machine needs to have excellent quality.

Additionally, stable printing also requires the consumables to be of good quality so that there will be no problem with the matching.

It is also important to follow the instructions or the technician’s guidance, if you want the printout to show good results.

First of all, you have to choose the right nozzle for DTF printer.

Today some of the most popular nozzles are Epson4720 , Epson I3200-A1, and Epson XP600.

Epson4720, Epson I3200-A1 are printheads mainly used in machines with larger widths, such as sizes of 600mm, 900mm, and 1200 mm.

Epson’s print heads are famous for their printing accuracy and are the first choice for most DTF printers on the market today.

Also, for the machine to run stably, having a high quality printhead is one aspect of the process.

No matter which brand of DTF printer you choose, you need to regularly maintain the printheads.

Regular cleaning and print test strip testing is necessary before turning on the machine.

Another important thing is to be sure that the nozzles are not blocked and do not break the needle or cause some other damage.

Conditions in the Printing Room

It is important to note that DTF printers in the printing process will have waste smoke generated, which has a partial impact on human health.

This can have an impact on the physical and mental health of the operator, and multiple DTF printers operating at the same time could also cause the site of the operation to fill with smoke.

That’s why DTF T-shirt printing machines are now equipped with a smoke-free purifier.

Smoke-free purifiers help in absorbing the smoke during the printing process.

The process prevents the waste oil from spilling over and causing the printing process to deteriorate.

It is very important to pay attention to the change in temperature and humidity during the daily operation of the machine.

If temperature is too high, which is not conducive to the preservation of the film, the oiling phenomenon may occur after printing without timely transfer.

If the temperature is too low, this can lead to ink precipitation, so the nozzle can be easily blocked by the pressure of the ink.

Supply’s for DTF Printers

The next step is to determine the right supply.

There are three main types of supplies that can be used for DTF T-shirt printers, such as ink, PET film or DTF transfer paper, and hot melt powder.

The DTF ink can be divided into five varieties: K, C, M, Y, and W, making them suitable for all kinds of nozzles.

Currently, the Sublistar brand is the first to introduce non-sedimentation ink, a process that is currently under development.

This ink can be achieved without circulation, and without mixing, but can achieve the effect of non-sedimentation.

The effect is even more obvious when the white ink circulation system is used regularly for three months.

DTF PET film or DTF transfer paper is the equivalent of a design transfer carrier, which is used as an aid in transferring to various types of garment fabrics.

PET film is available in both cold tear and hot tear versions, depending on the printing needs.

In addition, PET film has a variety of features, such as temperature change film, glow-in-the-dark film, laser film, glitter film, color film, etc., which allows stable printing while having a variety of styles and more personalizations.

DTF transfer paper is a key feature in the application of clothing labels, the transfer is clear, and small characters can be very clear.

It differs depending on the type of DTF PET film application used.

The quality of the hot melt powder is also an important factor in the stability of DTF transfer paper.

The poor quality of hot melt powder can easily lead to the print out of the pattern through the bottom or pattern with spots, poor transfer effect, not resistant to stretching, and can not be applied to a variety of colors of T-shirts.

So, if you need a reliable and stable DTF T-shirt printer you need to choose the right brand and manufacturer.

In some of our previous articles we have done some reviews of some of the best DTF printers on the market today with real customer experience so you can use this information for your professional needs.