Not Just a Small Thing: 5 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter in Digital Age

Some may likely consider a business card as merely a small thing. However, this small thing can also have a significant impact on your business or career success, even in our time when almost everything is digital. Although deemed as old school, your business card is something that can’t be entirely replaced by digital stuff.


For instance, swapping business cards to your prospective clients or customers is more personal than connecting with them through email. That’s why it’s still a powerful tool in business today. If you want to know more about the reasons why business cards still matter, take time to read this article.

It’s Something to Show That You’re a Prepared Person

It would be unprofessional on your part to write down your contact and business information on a crumpled piece of paper or a cocktail napkin. And think about nosing down on your phone while you’re giving your mobile number to your prospect. That’s not a smooth approach, either.

Now, if you’re to choose who you want to do business with, is it the person who scrambles for a pen and write his contact on a piece of paper or the person who gives you a business card? Showing to other people that you’re always prepared is like telling them that you’re a professional.

It Helps Build Your Brand

Your business card is a physical object that can give a positive impact on how you build your brand. When you give your business card to a prospect, you leave them with something that makes your business recognizable. After all, your advertising slogan or brand logo are the top features of your business card.

When you swap phone numbers from your mobile phone, on the other hand, you just leave them with another phone number on their phone. Then, that’s it. The person to whom you give your mobile phone will probably not share it to others.

Thus, despite in our technologically advanced age, your business card still has significance. It can further the marketing of your brand, especially if your card stands out in its design.

Establishing a First Good Impression

Another reason why business cards still matter is that they’re excellent in making a first good impression on your prospect. There’s no more effective and personal introduction than meeting them in person, giving them a warm handshake, and providing them with your business card.

Making a personal introduction to your prospect will surely enable them to remember you and your brand. Aside from that, giving your business card will also enhance the legitimacy and credibility of your business.

It’s Affordable

As mentioned earlier, exchanging business cards to your business prospects is an effective means of marketing your brand. But did you know that it’s also one of the most affordable forms of marketing?

With just a few bucks, printing companies can already print a hundred business cards for you. You won’t also find it hard to look around for printing companies since there are a lot of them now for you to get the best deal. Printing firms like sticker printing uk, for instance, offer their clients an affordable price for the printing of business cards.

So, if you’re in a business and looking for low-cost marketing of your brand, business cards can be a huge help for you.

It’s Portable

If you think about it, a hundred of your business cards can be stuffed into your pocket, meaning it’s easier to carry around than your phone. That will also be beneficial if you’re a businessman who needs to go out of the country in doing your business or if you’re someone who likes to attend conventions and trade shows.

Business cards can be a convenient way in the process of building and maintaining contacts with your business prospects. Anywhere you go, your business card can have a big-time impact on your business.

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Even though we’re now living in the digital age, a business card is still an excellent tool in furthering your business brand. For instance, there’s something in it that makes establishing your business connection more personal.

It’s also an excellent form of low-cost marketing. That’s why it’s essential that you always keep your business cards wherever you go, especially if you’re a businessman.